Monday, May 23, 2016

Password Complexity or Password Validation - Weblogic

Step-by-Step approach to implement password complexity/password validation method for weblogic domain:

1) Login to admin console
2) Stop all the managed servers
3) Click Lock & Edit
4) Go to Security Realms and select the name of the realm you are configuring
5) Select Providers > Password Validation
6) The Password Validation Providers table lists the Password Validation providers configured in this security realm
7) Click option “New"
8) Enter any desired name (which will be suitable for your domain/requirement)
9) From the Type drop-down list, select the type of the Password Validation provider and click OK
10) Now the next step is to configure the parameters. As an example, If I select below:
1 number
1 special Character
1 lowercase
1 uppercase
 And total of 8 character password

11) Save and activate changes, followed by admin server restart
12) Create a new user to see whether it meets the requirement or change password for existing user
13) Now Start managed Servers

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