Sunday, February 6, 2011

UNIX Command Reference

cd d              Change to directory d
mkdir d           Create new directory d
rmdir d           Remove directory d
mv f1 [f2...] d   Move file f to directory d
mv d1 d2          Rename directory D1 as D2
passwd            Change password
alias name1 name2 Create command alias
unalias name1     Remove command alias name1
rlogin nd         Login to remote node
logout            End terminal session
ls [d] [f...]     List files in directory
ls 1 [f...]      List files in detail
alias [name]      Display command aliases
printenv [name]   Print environment values
quota             Display disk quota
date              Print date & time
who               List logged in users
whoami            Display current user
finger [username] Output user information
chfn              Change finger information
pwd               Print working directory
history           Display recent commands
! n               Submit recent command n
Ctrl/c *          Interrupt processes
Ctrl/s *          Stop screen scrolling
Ctrl/q *          Resume screen output
sleep n           Sleep for n seconds
jobs              Print list of jobs
kill [%n]         Kill job n
ps                Print process status stats
kill 9 n         Remove process n
Ctrl/z *          Suspend current process
stop %n           Suspend background job n
command&          Run command in background
bg [%n]           Resume background job n
fg [%n]           Resume foreground job n
exit              Exit from shell

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